Cleaning and Sealing

Although not necessary, having your pavers cleaned and sealed has many benefits. Sealer comes in three different looks; Natural look, clear look, and wet look. All three share the same benefits. They all reduce joint sand wash out, weeds, ants, and protect the pavers from dirt, stains or spills. 


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When should I seal?

Sealer is typically applied in the cooler spring and fall months, it is temperature sensitive. The pavers must be installed for at least 90 days before having them sealed, to allow the pavers to cure.  Sealer slowly fades over time and most applications last 2-3 years. The length of time between applications is up to you. 

What is the process?

First day

  1.  Pull out grass, weeds and moss. Edge back the grass that may have crept over the top of the pavers.
  2. Do spot cleaning of oil, rust, paint, tar and other stains. (Depending on the age of the stain, we may not be able to get the entire stain out).
  3. Do an efflorescence scrubbing bath to prepare the surface for sealing. It is a nitric acid solution (contains nitrogen, safe for your lawn and plants) which cleans away any efflorescence (salts) and dirt. This solution is than power washed off.
  • We will barricade the driveway to keep car traffic off till 24 hours after it is sealed.


Second day (the pavers must be dry to continue)

  1. Refill the paver joints with jointing sand, sweep and power blow clean.
  • Apply the Techni-Seal Protective Sealant ( at a rate of 30 ft2 per liter.

You will be able to walk on the area within a few hours, but you must keep car traffic off your driveway for 24 hours after it has been sealed.

A similar procedure is used on regular and stamped concrete surfaces using Decra Seal (high gloss) or Hi Ac Plus (medium gloss) sealers from the Sealtight program. 


We have been a Techni-Seal Authorized Applicator since 1990.

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