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Old concrete that is cracked and pitted is an eye sore and sometimes a hazard. Most of the time it would need to be removed and replaced, but not always. In some situations the existing concrete can be overlayed with interlocking or natural stone. The most common situation is the old ugly front porch. We can cover that porch and the steps to create a new beautiful space that would be the envy of the neighborhood. 

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Front porch overlay using Permacon Mondrian 50 slabs. Overlay any concrete structure with almost any paver style. Esplanade Slabs over a concrete porch. Mondrian slabs over existing concrete
Mondrian Slabs over an existing concrete porch Banas stone mortared over a concrete porch Mondrian slabs on a porch overlay Banas Flagstone Porch Overlay
Mondrian Slabs over a concrete porch Covered and Extended Front Porch Mondrian Slabs over a concrete porch