Interlocking concrete pavers are a smart and elegant design choice for your driveway. They are manufactured to a much higher density than poured in place concrete. They are laid in a 1" bed of washed sand with an aggregate base of 12". They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, that all interlock to provide the stongest surface material available. 


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  • Unlike concrete or asphalt interlocking pavements are very easy to maintain and repair.
  • With the advances in joint sand in the past 10 years weeds and ants are no longer a problem for interlocking pavers.
  • Polymeric joint sand is the only sand we use for filling the joints and once activated with water it hardens in the joints to increase the interlocking pavements strength as well as stopping ants and weeds from penetrating the joint.
  • Also minor settlement or tire tracks in the driveway are easily repaired. By lifting the effected area, treating the base by adding bedding sand or compacted a-gravel and relaying the same stones back in, your interlocking pavement can be returned to its original condition with a fraction of the original cost.
  • Unlike asphalt or concrete where repairs are an eyesore or not possible at all, your interlocking driveway will be a lasting investment that, with a little maintenance, will be the centerpiece of your front yard for many years. 

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Interlocking stone driveway. Interlocking stone driveway with raised curb. Round raised flower bed in the center of the driveway. Large turnaround driveway with flower bed in the center.
Interlocking stone driveway, with dark accent banding. Large scale driveway with an island flowerbed. Driveway extension, to allow for extra parking, retained by large armour stone. Large circular driveway with a garden island
Two car wide Mega Arbel driveway with a dark border. Driveway with Pillar Entrance Permanent Parking Lines Condo Lanes, Driveways and Parking Areas
Hollandstone laid on an angled herringbone pattern Hollandstone laid in an angle herringbone pattern Amalfi paver Driveway Brussels Block Pavers
 Brussels Block Pavers Orillia Armour Stone Wall Old World Cobble Carriagestone pavers with ehnanced borders
Mega Arbel paver driveway Mega Trafalgar paver driveway Mega Bergerac pavers with a Courtstone paver border Courtstone paver driveway
Mega Trafalgar driveway laid on a 45 degree angle with a double border English Cobble driveway Paver borders on asphalt Courtstone driveway
Castle Stone pavers with Courtstone banding Brussels Block pavers Carriagestone pavers Castle Stone pavers laid on a 45 degree angle