Entrances & Steps

Pavestone Plus can create the perfect front entrance to maximize the curb appeal of your home. We can also built custom or natrual stone steps in and size and for every application.

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Custom built step: By using segmental retaining wall the step can be constructed to any shape or size. If you want an 8 inch tread or an 8 foot tread, curved or straight, with this type of step the possibilities are endless.


Natural stone step: Steps built this way are not quite as versatile as custom built steps but are just as beautiful. Usually around 4 to 7 ft long and 12 to 16 inches deep natural stone steps come in three styles:


  • Sawed: It is a rectangular shaped stone that is sawed on the top and bottom. These steps are often used for front walks and high traffic areas.
  1. Split: Stones are hydraulically split into rectangular shape retaining its natural appearance on each surface. They are often used for garden paths, front walks and stairways.
  • Quarry: These are large pieces of stones set into ground. Even though the walking surface is flat these give an irregular look from top.
Wood grain concrete steps with landing. Pavestone landing with steps leading up and flowerbeds surrounding. Natural look precast steps leading to the back entrance. Small retaining walls hold back long flowerbeds.
Custom built steps with 2 tier porch Two pillars retain natural stone steps with square cut flagstone landing. Natural stone steps leading up to the porch. Entrances & Steps
Stone pillars with natural stone cap. Walkway steps and landings are created using Techo-Bloc Para slabs and Raffinato wall. Natural stone steps with a pillar and garden planter. Permacon Celtik Wall creates steps and landings leading to the front door. Custom aluminum hand rail. Natural stone steps with armour stone retaining wall.
Front porch overlay using Permacon Mondrian 50 Slabs. Front steps built with Permacon Celtik Wall and Banas natural stone cap. Natural stone steps with irregular shaped flagstone landings and armour stone Custom built steps with segmental retaining wall, natural stone step treads.
Curved custom built steps and large landing in the front entrance Small front porch overlaid with Mondrian Slabs Natural irregular shaped flagstone walkway leading to the custom built steps and landing at the front entrance Custom built steps in the front entrance with large landings and flower bed retaining wall
Custom built steps with seat walls, pillars and natural stone capping Natural stone steps with paver landings and armour stone leading to the front entrance Raised front entrance with custom built steps capped with natural stone Entrances & Steps
Here we overlayed a smaller porch and made it comfortably bigger. A quaint sitting area with privacy from the pillar and seat wall After-What a Makeover Before
Maya steps from Techo Bloc to create a beautiful front entrance A beautiful front entrance using moss rock, Maya steps and Trafalgar pavers Mondrian slabs on existing concrete steps Steps with Banas Natural Stone coping beside a Banas square flagstone patio.
Custom Celtik wall steps with Banas Natural Stone coping Celtik Wall Steps with Banas Coping for the treads Brussels Dimensional Steps Steps and Landing with Brussels Dimensional
Mondrian Slabs with Celtik Wall Natural Flagstone mortared onto concrete steps Banas Natural Square Cut Flagstone with Banas Natural Steps Banas Limestone Steps
Celtik wall custom round steps Banas Steps and Square Cut Flagstone laid on a concrete porch Armour stone, natural stone steps and pavers to create this front entrance Celtik steps with 12
Celtik steps and landings for an 8 foot grade change Celtik steps with 24 inch treads Wallstone steps, walls and landings