Flower Beds

We offer complete design and build of flower beds, including all the soil, planting and mulch installation.

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There are many benefits or reasons to install flower beds around your home. First, a properly installed and maintained flower bed is beautiful and raises the curb appeal of your home. Some of our clients love to putter around the garden picking weeds and tending to the plants. Others choose flower beds to reduse the amount of lawn needed to be cut, or to replace a spot the lawn doesn't grow. Some clients love the way the birds and other wildlife are attracted to their flower beds. Whatever your reason, have us design, install and maintain your flower beds.

Flower bed under a deck with shade friendly ground cover. Straight edge flower beds around the perimeter of a patio. Staircase with flower beds on both sides. Flower bed with concrete edger and mowing strip.
Flower bed with concrete edger and mowing strip. Round raised flower bed in the center of the driveway. Flower bed contained by retaining wall along a walking path. Retaining wall along the house with a container garden.
Stepping stones leading through a flower bed to a backyard shed. Staircase with landings and multiple levels of flower bed. Walkway splits with a flower bed in between. Multi level flower bed with steps leading through.
Front yard patio completely surrounded by flower beds. Retaining wall is used to raise this flower bed. Flower beds split in half by an ornamental fence. Flower bed is shaped by a flowing pathway.
Large turnaround driveway with flower bed in the center. Curved flagstone walkway with flower bed along the side of a house. Armour stone and segmental retaining walls create grade changes and container gardens. Raised flower bed with armour stone around perimeter of yard