Natural Stone

Natural stone remains the most preferred choice of landscape materials worldwide, and has been used throughout history. There is no other material that can match the beauty, strength and ability to withstand time. 

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There are many types of natural stone all of which help create breathtaking landscapes while keeping the natural beauty of the outdoors in mind.

  • Armour Stone: Create beautiful retaining walls and garden definition with this large impressive stone. Armor stone is colorful, durable, weathers beautifully and has a noble past, being the stone of choice for building castles and mansions.

  • Natural Wallstone: provides a timeless beauty for any landscape project and are created and shaped in various sizes and in a variety of colours. Most popular uses are for decorative walls, retaining walls, rock gardens, borders, edging, columns, fireplaces, planters and even water features. These products can be use to create formal or rustic designs and installed as dry stacked or mortared.

  • Moss Rock: This stone provides a picturesque natural look to any landscape project, it actually has moss growing in the pits and crevasses of the rock.

  • Flagstone:  These irregular-shaped pieces of natural stone are perfect for creating paving, walkways, patios, pool decks, stepping stones, steps, wall caps, fireplace’s and columns. Flagstone gives a random puzzle like look to your pavement and can be laid on bedding sand or mortar.

  • Square Cut Flagstone: This has the same texture as regular flagstone but is saw cut into squares. It gives a cleaner more defined look. 

Natural stone steps against and armour stone retaining wall. Armour stone retaining a driveway Armour stone wall built to level a large area. Large armour stone retaining wall.
Natural stone pillar and seat wall cap. Natural stone stairway with landings. Gardens surround with armour stone retaining walls Natural stone steps with landings. Three tier armour stone retaining wall with flower beds. Sawed natural stone steps. Armour stone holds back planting gardens.
Quarried natural stone steps down the side of the house. Natural random flagstone cut to reduce joint sizes. Natural dry stacked tiered garden retaining walls Natural dry stacked tiered garden retaining walls
Irregular shaped random natural flagstone. Natural Armour Stone retaining wall with planting beds. Natural Stone steps to the lower back yard Natural Stone steps down the hill
Armour Stone, natural steps and over sized flagstone to create a unique front entrance Moss Rock for retaining and design Square Cut Banas Flagstone Random Flagstone Patio
Banas Flagstone Porch Overlay Banas Flagstone Walkway Random Cut Natural Flagstone Random Cut Natural Flagstone
Banas Natural Square Cut Flagstone Granite Natural Stone Steps Flamboro Dark Armour Stone Orillia Armour Stone Wall
Fieldstone Wall Orillia Armour Stone with Natural Stone Steps Orillia Armour Stone with Natural Stone Steps and Fieldstone Banas Step and Square Cut Flagstone mortared onto the concrete porch.
Orillia Armour Stone Wall Banas Square Cut Flagstone mortared onto the existing concrete porch. Armour stone to create a fire pit Natural flagstone walk to Natural stone steps
Armour stone walls tiered to a 12 foot height Random natural stone steps Armour stone bed walls