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Pavestone Plus is now offering retail mulch, soil and more. 


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Material Available:

Premium Triple Mix - Made specificaly for gardeners, a blend of rich composted organics that feed the root system

and lock in the existing nutrients. 


Seasoned Pine Mulch - Comprised of red and white pine bark and has been composted for a minimum of two years.

After it has been aged it is ground to an even spreading consistency.


Valley Cedar Mulch - A mixture of fresh virgin cedar and cedar bark, double ground to an appearance second to none!

Has a nutty brown appearance with a natural golden look.


Black Knight Mulch - Ground to a finer consistency than the industry norm, it is covered with generous amounts of

environmentally friendly black dyes; great look and durability.


1/2" Screened Topsoil


Granular A


Washed Concrete Sand

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Black Knight Mulch Valley Cedar Mulch Seasoned Pine Mulch